Hello World.

I’m Alexander Yu, an active freelance writer for hire. You can call me Xandery if you like!

creative beginnings

A Seattle-based software engineer by day, I took to writing and blogging about my yellow Labrador as my primary creative outlet. Today, Yuna The Lab has become a hub for dog care content, organically attracting thousands of curious dog owners worldwide every month.

valuable lessons learned

I built my blog from scratch, so I’ve been there:

  • How do I get more eyeballs on my blog? (Google SEO, and social media marketing on Instagram and Pinterest)
  • How can I produce better articles than my competitors? (Extensive topic research, long-form content, and frequent engagement)
  • Heck, what topics should I even write about? (Keyword research to find and target the right keyword searches)

I’ve grappled with these, and many other aspects of blog writing, so you don’t have to.

let me be your writer!

I have plenty of experience in:

  • Blogging & Digital Marketing
  • SEO Writing
  • Technical Writing

In addition, I have expert knowledge and interest in the following niches:

  • Dog Care
  • Personal Finance
  • Self-Development
  • Sports

I can help you create well-researched, search-engine friendly content with personality and voice. Ready to transform your blog into a compelling marketing tool, AND save time in the process? Contact me and let’s talk content.