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Hello World.

I’m Alexander Yu, an active freelance writer for hire. You can call me Xandery if you like!

words, words, words.

Every day, I’m all about words. Thinking about words, writing words, editing words, admiring the power of words. As a technical writer for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a freelance writing business owner, this should come as no surprise!

Why hire me to write words for you?

Wordsmithing is my craft. I use words to help businesses succeed. Here’s why I can be a great fit:

  • You want more eyeballs on your blog. I’ve gone through growing my own blog from scratch. I’ve learned many a thing or two about blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, and all the other ingredients that make a successful blog.
  • You want a writer with in-depth knowledge in your field. I’ve published multiple articles in the following niches:
    • Software engineering / Tech
    • Personal finance
    • Dog care
    • Sports
    • Self-development
    • … and more. This list is growing! View my portfolio for samples.
  • You want to sell more products. I offer copywriting services where I produce words that lead to increased conversions. Previous work samples available upon request.
  • You need a technical guide written for your products. I’ve worked as an engineer and writer in the software industry for 4 years. I offer technical writing services to help concisely and precisely teach users how to use your product. Previous work samples available upon request.

Contact me and let’s talk content.