• A Seattle-based freelance writer who will help your business:
    • Reach new audiences
    • Explode in organic traffic
    • Generate more leads and more revenue

Let me be your writer.

Hi, I’m Alexander Yu, a freelance writer for hire. I specialize in writing about dog care, tech, self-development, and sports.

If you understand the value of having expert written content for your business, I’m your writer. I’ll deliver timely, original articles that place you on page one of search engines. Here’s how:

Thorough Research

Before writing a single word, I get intimately familiar with data and rhetoric on your topic. I research competing articles on the same keyword, and produce better posts that cover what others miss.

On-Page SEO

My articles will help your business be discovered by the right audiences. I employ modern SEO techniques to get you ranked high in search.

Engaging Voice

It takes more than appeasing a ranking algorithm to deliver results. I write to engage your readers, to increase your odds of converting new traffic into new leads.

Need Proof?

I rank #1 on Google for a popular dog niche query, edging out American Kennel Club (AKC), a site with very high domain authority in this niche. And I did it with my own dog niche site Yuna The Lab, a much newer site than the well-established AKC.

Let me do the same for your business.


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